Pack Gourmet SosMyEarthquake MARCHES Italy a solidarity purchase for a gift

66,00 €

MARCHE Earthquake, 3 years later: a solidarity purchase for a gift.

Eno-gastronomic gift package with products  from the Marche region to continue to support the producers of the earthquake-affected areas.
The right opportunity to make a great impression and at the same time help those who still need it!
Do you want to give a package to a friend, a customer or a distant relative and can not deliver it in person? MYMARCA will deliver it to you wherever you want.
The unique tastes, colours and aromas of the Marches.

The gift pack consists of the following products:
Ciauscolo IGP 500 Gr. (a seconda disponibilità produttori)
Pasta di Grano duro 500 Gr

Confettura di frutta 230 Gr
Legumi dei Sibillini (Cicerchia o Lenticchie o Ceci) 500 Gr
Biscotti da forno 200 Gr
Sugo pronto 185 Gr
Terravignata Verdicchio di Matelica DOC Borgo Paglianetto 75 Cl
Vino Cotto stravecchio il Lorese 50 Cl

NB: the composition of the package could undergo variations linked to the availability of the producers, value and quality NO. Thank you.

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