THE CYCLING (cicerchia) of Montemonaco Legume typical of the Sibillini

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THE CYCLING (cicerchia) of Montemonaco, an ancient legume typical of the Marche region, is a versatile ingredient and a very healthy legume.

It is characterized by high protein, vitamin B, calcium and phosphorus vitamins.

The Cicerchia is a very tasty legume, whose fruit has the shape and size of a crushed, irregular, ocher-colored pebble.

Still today it is possible to taste it on our tables thanks to small producers of the Sibillini who, with great passion and tenacity, have handed down the difficult production to the joy of those who love the genuine flavors.

Seasonality: collection takes place at the end of July but is dry all year round.

Cook time 35 minutes with 48 hour soaking.

Weight: 500 grams

How to cook: Use water without salt. We recommend the proportion of 1 liter of water per 100 grams of cicerola.
Place the cicerchia in the pot with cold water. Boil to moderate heat.
When the water boils, continue cooking for 40 minutes, covering half the pot with a lid.
At the end of the cooking leave the crayfish in the water. Drop at the last moment, before final preparation or table service. This prevents the hardening caused by cooling

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