VISCIOLE del CARDINALE like the rural tradition

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Like the rural tradition always did, as soon as the sour-cherries get harvested and the sugar is added, they are exposed to the sun.

Ingredients: Sour cherries (Prunus cerasus var. Austere), sugar, sun.

Processing method - Sour-cherries get harvested in June and July, then they are selected, washed, dried on cotton cloths and exposed to the sun with sugar inside demijohns. When the sugar turns into juice due to fermentation (around September/October), sour-cherries, after another selection, are put into sealed glass pots, together with the juice.

Organoleptic description - Ruby colour, clear sour-cherry scent on the nose, sweet taste at first but sour and dry right afterwards (typical Visciola flavour).

Microbiological control Bacterial load: absent.

Pairings - Chocolate or vanilla desserts, panna cotta, ice-cream garnishes, or added to low-fat yogurts. In summer it can be a refreshing drink if added to fresh water or crushed ice.

Gr format. 314

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