AMMALIA is a unique spirit due to its preciousness and authenticity - 50cl - 40

26,35 €

Ammalia is a unique spirit due to its preciousness and authenticity, because the quality products employed enriches it with balance and aromatic complexity.

Ammalia is colouring-free, its alcohol content is 40%: sipping it slowly is both an intense pleasure to the palate and an unforgettable sensation.
The colour is clear and bright and the smell is strong: the almond scent of the sour-cherry stone stands out, enriched with ripen black cherries aromas.
The taste is smooth and enveloping, with a dry aftertaste that better enhances the sour-cherry scent, and a long-lasting taste persists to the palate.

Ammalia should be served in small smooth glasses in order to cherish its brightness. It can be paired both to dark and milk chocolate; however, its best employment is as meditative spirit.
Service temperature 13-16 °. It can also be served cold.

Alcohol content 40% Vol

50 cl bottle.

To be able to buy the product must be at least the legal age required by law for the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Processing method - At the end of the must fermentation, most of the wine is stored in stainless steel barrels to produce the sour-cherry wine; instead, the bottom of the barrel, together with sour-cherries residuals and grounded stones, is destined to the production of the spirit AMMALIA.

Distillation method: steam bain-marie, discontinuous method. The fine liqueur deriving from it has an alcohol content of 75°. Ammalia is diluted with spring water from mount Nerone, which gives it uniqueness and purity thus creating an exclusive product and of limited production.

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