AMMALIA Cantine Cardinale 50cl / 40 ° Traditional liqueur cherries and grapes

26,00 €

Ammalia, refined sour cherry brandy that has in itself the tradition, the climate and the culture of the Marche region. An exclusive and limited production product.

Savoring it in small sips is an intense pleasure for the palate and an emotion that is not forgotten.

Ammalia should be served in small smooth glass goblets to appreciate its visual brilliance.
It can be combined with both dark and milk chocolate but its best location is as a meditation brandy.
Serving temperature 13-16 °. It can also be served cold.

50 cl bottle. - Alcohol content 40% Vol

In order to purchase the product it is necessary to have reached the legal age required by law for the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Ingredients Sour cherries and grapes

Processing method At the end of the fermentation of the must, most of the wine is stored in steel barrels for the production of visciolata, while the terminal part of the cask, together with the residues of sour cherries and ground kernels, is destined for the production of brandy. bewitches.

The distillation system is in a steam bath, discontinuous method. The precious elixir that is born has an alcohol content of 75 °. Ammalia is then diluted with spring water from Mount Nero which gives it authenticity and purity.

Organoleptic examination
The color is clear and bright.
The scent is intense, the almond scent of sour cherry stands out, enriched with hints of ripe black cherry.
The taste is soft and enveloping, with a dry aftertaste thanks to which the aromas of sour cherry are further enhanced, with a long persistence of the taste on the palate.

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