LARDINATED SALAMI 350gr Norcineria Alto Nera Marche

9,90 €

#SosMyTerremoto Castel Sant'Angelo sul Nera - For a supportive purchase.

Salami with a lean mixture obtained by grinding the noble parts of the pig: leg and shoulder and once minced, are then mixed with the lardons which are nothing more than cubes deriving from the cutting of back lard. Everything is flavored with salt and ground pepper and grains.

It is bagged on a kind and seasoned casing for at least two months until the cured meat is hard to the touch and with the characteristic mold that indicates a good seasoning.

Ingredients: lean pork, pork lard, salt, flavorings, spices, sugars: dextrose, sucrose, fructose. Antioxidants: E200, E301 Preservative E252.

Weight: 350 grams +/- 6% - Goods subject to decline

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