Norcineria ALTONERA ancient methods and quality meats


OF CECCARELLI Cianconi G. & G.

Via Roma

62039 Castelsantangelo sul Nera

Macerata Italy

  • Salumi Alto Nera

Ancient methods, meat quality, attention to a centuries-old tradition, these are the features that the shop of Norcineria High Black offers its customers.
Prestigious Meats that smell of forests and oak, seasoned with mountain species, local and other natural products cheeses are available for those who return to the old and healthy "eating well."
Quality and respect for tradition are guaranteed by a production of limited edition sausages, real "author's pieces" that preserve the pleasure of ancient flavors and healthy.

On the border between Umbria and Marche there is a roof and there is a heart.

The roof is the plateau of Castelluccio di Norcia, a unique place in the world known for flowering between May and early July, a spectacle worthy of a painting by Monet. The heart is Castelsantangelo sul Nera, a small medieval village at the foot of the Sibillini Mountains, known for its centuries-old tradition of processing and curing of pork.

And between the roof and the heart, River Runs Black, patting woods and trails, villages and stone houses, craft shops and beautiful places for tourists and lovers of the mountain, where the ancient wisdom of doing good things has remained intact.