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AMARO SIBILLA Varnelli Nature’s gift since 1868 - 34 ° - bottle 10cl

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Nature’s gift since 1868 Amaro Sibilla has been obtained from a decoction of herbs, roots and barks prepared over a wood fire and sweetened with honey. A long ageing and decanting period is then needed in order to get a transparent smooth tasting product, moderately bitter and with the right alcoholic strength.

To the Eye Dense, dark brown.
To the Nose Strong aromas of bitter herbs and dried fruit (chestnuts, walnut husk), followed by scents of coffee and honey.
On the Palate The first impression of sweetness due to honey is then followed by an intense bitter tannic taste with a long-length finish. This roughness is corrected by fine aromas of chestnuts, honey, dried fruit, vanilla and coffee.

Serving Suggestions Amaro Sibilla is perfect after a meal, neat, on the rocks, as a hot drink with lemon or orange rind. It is a versatile and innovative ingredient in cocktails and long drinks, an original aperitif with white vermouth and some drops of gin. It makes a delicious refreshing drink if added to soda, tonic water or orange juice.

Alcoholic Content 34% vol - Bottle size: 10cl.

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Colore Bruno, consistente, testa di moro.
Olfatto Il profumo è molto intenso di erbe amare, frutta secca (castagne, mallo di noce) sul fondo si riconoscono sentori di caffè e miele.
Gusto Abboccato all’inizio per effetto del miele, sorprende poi una intensa e persistente sensazione amara e tannica che si protrae nel tempo. Questa spigolosità è attenuata da aromi fini e delicati di castagne, miele, frutta secca, vaniglia e caffè.

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