Fattoria Colmone della Marca the excellence of Italian wines

Winery farm
Colmone della Marca 

Location Colmone
San Severino Marche
Macerata - Marche - Italy

We had a dream and we made it come true: to create wines which express the same emotions and flavours that this very unique territory in the heart of Italy offers to its guests. This area rich in tradition and authentic taste is set on the gently rolling hills of San Severino in the Marches Region.

Behind the products are men, behind our wines is the Meschini family: Piero, Pierluigi and Giovanni.

The Fattoria vinifies grapes which come from single owned vineyards, managed under the highest standards to respect the environment, and earth’s natural rhythms. The yield in grape is low due to meticulous bunch-thinning and selection of grapes at harvest. 

The excellence of our wines is based on a deep-rooted harmony and balance between man and nature. Our winemaking is simple and traditional, utilizing the latest technologies to preserve the purity and flavour of the grapes, and at the same time following the traditions of our ancestors.