SKIPASS dark chocolate with whisky aroma liqueur 70cl - 18°

17,98 €

The Energetic Taste - Tasty cream of dark chocolate enriched with whisky aroma, Skipass is a delicious liqueur which becomes a perfect hot drink to warm you up in Winter.

To The Eye - Brilliant, typical of chocolate.
On The Nose - Deep and incisive.
On The Palate - Rightly dense and creamy, with a pleasant taste of whisky and cocoa. Distinctly perceptible alcohol in a well balanced formula.

70cl bottle

Alcohol 18% vol

To be able to buy the product must be at least the legal age required by law for the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Colore - Brillante, tipico del cioccolato.
Olfatto - Intenso e penetrante.
Gusto - Giusta densità e cremosità, sentori primari di cacao e whisky con persistenza media, alcool percepibile distintamente, ma di equilibrata formulazione.

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