Bitter LE VAGLIE an exclusive aperitif Stefano Antonucci - 50 cl. Degrees 21.5%

39,04 €

Original, unexpected, to be left speechless, just like its creator.

This is the new Bitter conceived and conceived by Stefano Antonucci with his friend Baldo Baldinini starting from Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classic DOC "Le Vaglie". A project that immediately conquered the creativity of Baldinini, who gave life to a sartorial work through a study of over 30 botanicals and spices.

Hence the creation of an exclusive product: a harmonic Bitter that delights the palate with the sweetness and softness of the bitter notes.

An aperitif that already conquers the eye and certainly does not leave disappointed in the flavor that enhances and embellishes the precious wine base, without the addition of any artificial color.

The perfumes of Bitter Vaglie are rich, complex, spicy with delicately citrus notes and a soft, round, enveloping taste.

Bottle 50 Cl. - Alcohol content: 21.5 vol.

In order to purchase the product you must have reached the legal age required by law for the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

A few tasty proposals to taste the Bitter at its best

The hunter
A twist of other times, with a strong and fragrant taste.
1 oz. Bitter Le Vaglie
2 oz. Sherry Fino
6 drops Orange bitter
Preparation and glass: mixed and filtered in an iced cup

Mossi Boulevardier
The power of Rye whiskey meets the freshness of Bitter Vaglie in a hug full of perfumes.
2 oz. Bitter Le Vaglie
1 oz. Rye whiskey
6 drops of aromatic bitters with celery
Preparation: Mixed in an old fashion glass with ice cubes

Le Vaglie Caballjto
A mojito style exalted by Bitter Le Vaglie that takes us back to the Cuba of the '30s.
3/4 oz. Bitter Le Vaglie
3/4 oz. Lime juice
1/4 oz. White rum
2 tablespoons of white sugar
8 mint leaves
Preparation and glass: It melts the sugar in lime and mint and is made directly into a tall tumbler with ice split

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