MOMENTO Freestanding cuckoo clock Italian graphic design with exposed elements.

273,01 €
235,00 €

In a moment the object reveals its content and what is normally hidden becomes tangible. The cables send the electrical impulse which allows the cuckoo beat the hours and the bent metal speaker amplifies its song.

You can hear the sound of the passing time and if, for some reasons, you do not wish to hear it, accessible controls exalt or make it silent.

Table cuckoo clock structure of iron rod - lacquered steel case - visible movement

Color finishes: white dial - black pendulum, numbers and hands

Size cm: W 23 x H 56 x D 21

Designer: Marco Marzini 2016 - Crafted entirely in Italy

Mechanism complies with the RoHS Directive: cuckoo mechanism with two batteries D 1,5 (not included) - Silent quartz movement

Cuckoo volume control: there are 3 different option (high, low, off) at the exit of the cuckoo (the bird pops out with a boisterous call or a softer tone)

Night sensor: for it uses the motion sensor-controlled light at nightime the cuckoo makes no sound.

Instructions: clear, complete and in multiple languages
Packaging: comes boxed, special protection and maximum safety
Worldwide delivery

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