QUATTORDICI fourteen emotions Brut Sparkling wine basic Verdicchio

12,00 €

QUATTORDICI (Fourteen) laborious protagonist of the tale by Italo Calvino, is one made from Verdicchio Spumante Brut of great freshness, good structure and pleasant softness. Ideal as an aperitif.
Prefers pairing with fish and vegetable crudités.

Type: brut sparkling wine

Fermentation: Martinotti-Charmat method

Grapes: 100% Verdicchio

Soil type: alluvial marine sedimentary origin, with prevalence of clay of Pliocene-Pleistocene and Miocene.
Training system: Guyot and double gujot.
Planting density: 3100 plants / ha
Yield: approximately 85 q.li
Vineyard age: 20 years

Winemaking: Manual harvest early, in the cooler hours of the day with soft pressing, fermentation at low temperature and fermentation in pressurized tanks for the second fermentation that takes place very slowly, then aged in the bottle in a temperature controlled warehouse.

Organoleptic characteristics
Visual examination: straw yellow with green tinges, fine and persistent
Nose: intense, refined with fresh fruit shades and white flowers
Palate: fresh, fruity, balanced

Pairings: aperitif, appetizers, traditional dishes and seafood innovation.

Alcohol content: 11.5%

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