SALAMI whit boar 400gr. Alto Nera typical mountain sausage

13,20 €

Whole and finely ground salami obtained with the mixture of lean boar meat and lean pork meat in order to obtain a balanced salami both in seasoning and in taste.
Product stuffed into pork guts that retain the right softness.

Ancient methods, quality meats, attention to a centuries-old tradition, these are the characteristics that Norcineria Alto Nera offers its customers. Precious meats that smell of woods and oak, flavored with mountain essences, for those who love to return to the old and healthy "eat well".

Ingredients: pork, boar meat (25%), salt, dextrose, sucrose, flavorings, spices. Antioxidants: E200, E301 Preservative E252. Non-edible casing

Weight: 400 grams +/- 5%

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