STRINGHETTONI pasta durum wheat Senatore Cappelli 500 Gr

5,24 €

The STRINGHETTONI, ancient wheat pasta Senatore Cappelli, tradition and novelty, the special interpretation of macaroni alla chitarra, here in a "maxi" version.

In the long and consistent shapes we find together the elegance and the strength of the ancient wheat Senatore Cappelli.

The surface rough and porous captures the sauce while the pasta winds around the fork.

Our mind returns then to the sound of the wind blowing through the ears of corn while we walk through it like a voice that accompanies us with a beautiful story to tell.

Section: Square
Length: 260 mm
Width: 2.4 x 2,4 mm
Cooking time: 11-13 min.

Packaging: 500 grams carton.

The Senatore Cappelli durum wheat, its rustic character contributes to the production of an excellent and fragrant flour that in the pasta releases an intense aroma of bread and biscuits.
Compared to the other durum wheats the different kind of gluten makes it more tolerable even in those cases where there is a greater sensibility.
The extremely limited production of about 15/18 quintals an hectare, dipending on the year and the soil, makes the Cappelli a wheat extremely precious and in great demand.

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