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LINA Grappa aged with marc of Verdicchio passito - 70 cl Alcohol content 40%

79,00 €

Spirito Autoctono has chosen grappa Lina in the "Top 50 Spirits Italia" - Guide to bitters, bitters and spirits that tell the territory.

LINA Grappa of Verdicchio raisin pomace.
From a careful selection of Verdicchio pomace, selected by the Santa Barbara company, the Grappa Lina dedicated to Stefano Antonucci's mother is born.
The master distillers of the “Distelleria Berta” subject the selected grapes to a soft pressing to obtain a fine brandy through the classic discontinuous steam method in copper boilers.

Amber color - The slow distillation and the skilful aging in wood, give a harmonious and decisive aroma - Intense and persistent flavor.

Bottle: 70 cl. - Alcoholic content: 40% vol.

In order to purchase the product, it is necessary to be of the legal age required by law for the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

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