LEGNO 37 n. 12 wood cutting board for testing Possibility of customization

142,74 €

The wooden plate that brings the table to life with its colours and true nature. This is what happens with Legno Small, where the natural lines and warm shades of top-quality wood become the frame of an intense gastronomic adventure.

The beauty of solid wood and innovative design, make the Legno Small plate a first-rate professional instrument, designed for those who make room for beauty, amazement and innovation in their culinary art.

Infinito Design re-interprets and transforms the fragrances and colours of nature by creating projects and plates in skilfully processed solid wood.

Kit 12 cutting board

When the warmth of wood also warms the table.

  • Warm look and texture, natural and pleasant to see and touch
  • Designs with natural lines
  • Fascinating presentation for gourmet dishes
  • Greater warmth to dishes and a convivial atmosphere
  • Possibility of customization

Designer: Infinito
Material: Solid wood
Dimensions: cm 32 x 7,9 x 1
Accessories: Glass Bowls
Maintenance: Not dishwasher. After washing and drying, wipe with a dry, clean cloth with a few drops of vegetable oil, which will serve to nourish the wood and keep alive the color

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