INFINITO a brand of Ciesse serveware

Infinito by Ciesse Srl
Via Piave 20, 61030
Castelvecchio di Monte Porzio (PU) Italy

Tel. (+39) 0721 955101
Fax (+39) 0721 956507

"For years we have cultivated the passion for beauty, design, creativity and experience, and all this has led us to begin this journey where we can best express this personality. Infinite was born in 2011 to give life and shape to so many Insights and new ideas "

Infinito interprets with a new and exciting language the thirty-year history of Ciesse, a solid Marche company specializing in the processing of solid wood. Over the years it has gained the knowledge and experience needed to meet the constant evolution of customer demand while maintaining the innovation process.

Infinite tells the traditional craftsmanship of the territory in a modern and original way, meeting new trends and developing new and unusual uses for their products.
Past and present, research and innovation, skill and enthusiasm put on one plate at the service of this new challenge. Infinite is a catalyst for a manual, technical and productive heritage that represents the company's know-how and is based on close collaboration between designers and architects.