CIAUSCOLO IGP salami soft spreadable norcineria Alto Nera

11,00 €

The prince of the sausages, the honey, a raspberry brandy IGP since 2009, with a tasty but delicate taste, made from a dough of bacon, shoulder and trimmings of ham and lonza, flavored with salt, garlic, pepper and wine.

Typical salami typical of the hinterland of the province of Macerata, its peculiarity is the softness and the spreadability, great for a snack or appetizer, exquisite if sliced ​​on bread, perhaps cooked with wood.

Norcineria Alto Nera is headquartered in Castelsantangelo on the Black, a small medieval town at the foot of the Sibillini Mountains, known for its centuries-old tradition of working and seasoning pork, where the ancient wisdom of doing good things has remained intact for centuries.

Weight: 470 grams +/- 5% under vacuum

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