MADAME RINA 2016 Marche IGT Passerina novelty Montecappone winery

8,98 €

MADAME RINA 2016 Marche IGT Passerina novelty Montecappone winery, to discover new tastes and aromas: a fresh white and discreet consistency.

Type: white wine

Denomination: Marche IGT Passerina

Grapes: 100% Passerina

Production area: Municipality of Jesi.
Soil: medium-calcareous Franco / clay.
Training system: Controspalliera with guyot pruning.
Plants per hectare: around 5,500.
Yield per plant: 3 kg approx.

Vinification: White with application of the "reduction" technique. Aging sur-lies for 3-4 months before marketing.

Organoleptic examination
Color: lively straw yellow.
Bouquet: Zagara, hawthorn and broom with delicate Mediterranean essences.
Taste: Balanced and refreshing sip with a pulpy verve citrus.

Pairings: Perfect for aperitifs. Delicious with grilled shellfish and steamed sole.
Serving temperature: 8 ° - 10 ° C.

Alcohol content: 12 - 13% vol. variable with the vintage.

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