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FLAX SEED OIL 250 ml no roasted no refined

4,96 €

The first Italian Organic Flax Seed Oil mechanically cold extracted, without refining processes, to maintain the physical and nutritional characteristics unaltered.

Left to decant in a natural way in hermetic tanks, it is bottled as needed during the year in order to preserve it from oxidation. The dark bottles protect it from light and preserve its nutritive principles and its characteristic color and herbaceous flavor.

Organic Italian Flax Seed Oil very rich in essential fatty acids, in particular Omega 3 and Vitamins of group A, B and E, extremely versatile for both sweet and savory recipes, provides a perfect balance between Omega 3, 6 and 9.
It must be used raw so as not to burn its precious nutritional properties.

Bottle size of 250 ml.

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