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6 bottles CRAFT BEERS Del Gomito Italian brewery tasting

57,04 €
36,75 €

The craft beers of the Del Gomito brewery in the Marche region that derive from a combination of passion and studies, from water to the selection of the best malted and unmalted cereals.

They pair well with cold fish appetizers, risotto, fatty cheeses, fried food in general, white meats and pizza with any type of seasoning.

The tasting kit includes 6 bottles of 0.75 lt. discount of 35%:

  • MATTY Idian Pale Ale high fermentation amber beer
  • BESTiALE Strong Bitter double fermented red malt beer
  • KATE Bavarian Weizen special high fermentation light wheat beer
  • ABISSALE American Pale Ale special beer with high fermentation
  • PHILI Dortmunder Export low fermentation light beer
  • PEKKA Porter special high fermentation black beer
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