ARTISAN BEERS Del Gomito Marches brewery tasting

57,11 €
51,4 €

Kit dedicated to the craft beers of the Del Gomito brewery that come from a combination of passion and studies, from water to the selection of the best malted and non-malted cereals.

They are combined with cold antipasti of fish, risottos, fatty cheeses, fried foods in general, white meats and pizza with all kinds of seasoning.

The tasting kit includes 6 bottles of 0,75 lt. discount of 10%:

n. 1 - MATTY Idian Pale Ale high fermentation amber beer
n. 1 - BEST ALE Strong Bitter double fermented red double malt beer
n. 1 - KATE Bavarian Weizen special beer of high-fermented light wheat
n. 2 - ABISSALE American Pale Ale light beer with high fermentation
n. 1 - PHILI Dortmunder Export low fermentation light beer

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