Le Spiazzette Italian Jams

Le Spiazzette

Le Spiazzette Farm
By Gravucci Cinzia and Massimo
Contrada Tennacola, 2
63857 Amandola (FM)


Vito, Nanni, Ezio ... and now, for 150 years, the same passion for our land.

We transform, we keep it with traditional methods so that we can guarantee: quality, taste and environmental respect.

The Spiazzette is a place where time has stopped. Here you will find the tastes and flavors of tradition, the fruits of the land that would have been forgotten.
The Rosa Mela of the Sibillini Mountains, the royal cherries and the wild prune return to be known through the jams and compositions we make by personally seizing the fruit of the trees and the bushes of the forests that lick the orchards.
An ethical choice, difficult and courageous, but made with the heart of those who know that our products will be tasted and appreciated.
Spiazzette is also the site of historical memory. The name "The Spiazzette" comes from the legend that tells the descent of the Sibille fairies to dance with the locals. They danced in the fields and with their dances formed the "spiazzi".

Our eyes do not stop on orchards but escape to the mountains, places where legend, culture and nature have always lived together and create different scenarios and mysteries every day.