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From the heart of the Sibillini Mountains, land of longevity and cradle of the "Mediterranean Diet", is born the Monte Monaco Pasta, 100% organic legume flour.

The shape of the pasta is used for convenience, but in reality each pack of MonteMonaco legumes is a special ingredient that with your imagination can turn into a single dish. Chickpeas, lentils, broad beans and peas, cultivated with simple and traditional methods on organic soils between the Aso and Tenna river springs grow in a pristine environment.

The grain, naturally gluten-free, rich in protein and fiber and with a lower intake of carbohydrates, is expertly ground to stone and, mixed with water, becomes the ideal dough for the production of Pasta Monte Monaco 100% organic legume flour.

The special bronze drawing and the slow drying at low temperature guarantee 100% organic legume flour to Pasta Monte Monaco the complete preservation of the nutritional characteristics of legumes.

Well structured and wrinkled, pleasant to the taste, it is the ideal food for those who love to delight their palate with tasty, healthy and light dishes.