PENNE chickpeas 250gr Montemonaco BIO pasta flour gluten-free

4,49 €

RisorgiMarche - Purchase jointly produced from the area affected by the earthquake.

BIO GLUTEN FREE PASTA - Penne of chickpea flour grown in the organic lands of the Monte Monaco farm; the chickpeas are transformed into flour using only the stone mill.

The bronze drawing and the slow drying at low temperature guarantee the 100% organic chickpea flour Pasta the complete preservation of the nutritional characteristics.

Chickpea is an ancient culture, very caloric food in terms of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, it also has a high fiber content.

Cook in plenty of boiling water for at least 5/7 minutes over moderate heat. Avoid stirring during the first few minutes of cooking.

Ingredients: organic chickpea flour, water

Recommended dose per person: 65 grams

250 grams pack

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