ITALIAN PASTA GLUTEN FREE - Rigatoni 100% organic Peas flour 250 gr

4,49 €

ITALIAN PASTA Rigatoni 100% organic Peas flour - Naturally Gluten Free.

From the organic lands of the Monte Monaco Farm, are born green peas that are processed into flour using only the stone mill.
Thanks to the special bronze wire-drawing and the slow drying at a low temperature, guarantee the integral preservation of the nutritional characteristics of the Pasta 100% organic Peas flour.

The origins of this legume are very ancient. Among the legumes are the least calories, they contain a fair amount of glucids, proteins, mineral salts and fibers, which exert beneficial effects on the intestine and the cardiovascular system.

Pack of 250 grams

Bake in boiling hot water for at least 5/7 minutes on moderate heat. Avoid mixing during the first minutes of cooking.

Ingredients: bio peas flour, water

Recommended dose per person: 65 grams

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