ITALIAN VEGAN PASTA - RIGATONI BIO Lentils flour Gluten Free 250 gr

4,49 €

ITALIAN VEGAN PASTA - RIGATONI 100% organic Lentils flour - Naturally Gluten Free.

From the organic lands of the Monte Monaco Farm, are born Lentils that are processed into flour using only the stone mill.,

Thanks to the special bronze wire-drawing and the slow drying at a low temperature, guarantee the integral preservation of the nutritional characteristics of the Pasta 100% organic Lentils flour.

The lentils were spread in the Mediterranean basin as habitual food of the poor Greek and Roman poor classes for low cost and high nutritional value. They are rich in phosphorus, iron and vitamins from group B.
They also have a high protein content, a good amount of sugar and a low amount of fat, as well as being rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers.

Pack of 250 grams

Bake in boiling hot water for at least 5/7 minutes in moderate heat. Avoid mixing during the first minutes of cooking.

Ingredients: bio lentil flour, water

Recommended dose per person: 65 grams

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