PASSERINA Offida DOCG 2018 white wine organic cellar Centanni

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The Centanni Organic Certification company cares for its vineyards and its own wine following every step of the best winery's wisdom.
These are the assumptions of a family adventure that looks to the future with Centanni in the heart.

Type: white wine

Denomination: Offida DOCG Passerina

Grapefruit: 100% Passerina

Production Zone: Property vineyards located in Montefiore dell'Aso and Massignano
Altitude of the Vineyard: 300 meters above sea level
Soil typology: medium dough, with high gravel presence
Breeding system: spurred cordon
Yield for Log: 1.5 Kg of grapes approx

Harvest: Once the maturity is reached, the grapes are harvested by hand, put into small containers and transported to the cellar immediately to be worked. Harvesting occurs early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid hot weather. In the collection, dry ice is used to inert the grapes from oxygen and to lower their temperature. It is usually collected from 1st to 15th October.

Vinification: the collection is carefully selected. The freshly harvested grape is given to the cellar; Here the soft pressing is followed by an immediate lowering of the temperature, to favor the decanting and elimination of the suspending substances present in the must. The fermentation takes place in steel tanks at controlled temperature (10 ° for the entire fermentation period). Once the fermentation is over, the turbid wine is put into tanks that are perfectly clean and unbalanced. The wine is removed from heavy fermentation lees and left on fine lees. Refinement takes place in steel with continuous "remuage" of the product to extract positive properties from fine lees. During the month of February the wine is clarified, flourished and bottled. Releases in March after harvest.

Organoleptic Examination
Color: bright yellow
Smell: delicate floral scents and clear citrusy citrus and lemon sensations. The wide fruity notes complete a fascinating baggage
Taste: freshness and delicate flavor, characterize the tasting phase of this wine, pleasing, intriguing and never tiring

Matching: it is necessary to approach sea shells and sea salads but the interesting structure also allows wonderful combinations with legumes and cereals
Service temperature: 10 ° - 12 ° C

Alcohol content: 13.50% vol.

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