MATTY Idian Pale Ale High fermentation amber beer Birrificio del Gomito

9,17 €

MATTY Idian Pale Ale - High fermentation amber beer from the Del Gomito craft brewery in the Marche region.

Beer of the year 2019 - Cat. 12 - Clear and amber, high fermentation, medium alcohol content, hoppy, American inspired ( American IPA )

Classic blend of malts, with delicate notes of caramel, the aroma of a prized and generous hopping in dry hopping prevails.
The must is obtained with Pale Ale, Cara Vienna, Crystal barley malts and oat flakes and Columbus bitter hops and Cascade, Citra and Centennial aromas. It is fermented with yeast from the Saccharomyces Cerevisiae strain.

75cl bottle.
33 cl bottles on request.

It goes well with red first courses, red and grilled meats, game, cold cuts in general and particularly seasoned pizza.
Serve at 10-12 ° C
IBU (bitter unit) 45 - ° P (plato degree) initial 12.0 - ° P (plato degree) final 2.4 Alc. - 5.5% vol

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