LOOSE ECLISSI 4-Piece Krion plate 100% ecological shape essence in a dish

131,76 €

LOONA ECLISSI the essence of the form in a 100% ecologically friendly Krion dish.
Exalting good food, transmitting emotions, the new LOONA collection is born, with its simple and refined shapes perfectly expressing the philosophy of Infinity: dishes must be able to outline good food, transmitting emotions.
The LOONA line is signed by Designer Cristina Zanni, who interprets the way of understanding and enhancing the table and the mise en place of Infinito.

Pack: 4-Piece Krion plates

- Not porous and antibacterial
- High fire resistance
- Eco-friendly, 100% recyclable material
- Easy to clean

Loona eclipse
Krion Solid Surface, an innovative and versatile material, ideal for creating real pieces of design.
Color: intense white - stable color
Dimensions: 300 mm.
Maintenance: Washable in dishwasher. For the most dirt and scratch, use a slightly abrasive and dry kitchen sponge.

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