MANDARINO liquore brillante e vivace 32 gradi - 70 cl | Mymarca

MANDARINO bright and lively liqueur 32 degrees - 70 cl

20,52 €

Fineness, panache, versatility.

Bright and lively liqueur with a captivating color, it has intense and persistent aromas of citrus fruits among which the mandarin stands out. You can also perceive notes of white spices, vanilla and flowers.
The frozen pleasure of citrus fruits, the moderate alcohol content and the delicate flavor make it ideal for cocktails and long drinks that are always new and successful.

How to taste it: very pleasant iced or on the rocks garnished with a slice of lemon. Exquisite in the Cicchetto of dark chocolate.

Bottle of 70 cl - Gradation 32% vol.

In order to purchase the product you must have reached the legal age required by law for the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Chamomile color with orange shades.
Smell It has intense and persistent aromas of citrus, the mandarin stands out, perceptible are also aromas of white spices, vanilla and flowers.
Taste The very balanced taste starts from an initial note of mandarin and citrus fruit towards a complex harmony of white spices (white pepper, cinnamon, curry) and vanilla. Persistence The taste of mandarin appears sharp and decisive, leaving a pleasant aromatic note

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