GIANNI Visciola brandy barricade - Alcohol 42% - 50cl

85,00 €

The well-known characteristics of Italy are expressed and enhanced in Giannì, a barricade brandy unique in the world as it is the first sour cherry brandy refined for three years in precious cherry wood, in specially created barriques.
This precious wood, in an intense and slow embrace, attributes to this brandy all its properties, without altering its aromas as it happens with other types of wood.

Amber in color, the soft and deep taste is enhanced, the ethereal scent is very fruity.

This barricade should be served in small glasses of smooth crystal to enjoy its purity. It does not have particular combinations as it can be considered a meditation spirit.
Serving temperature 13-16 °

50 CL bottle - 465 numbered bottles - Alcohol content: 42% Vol

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Ingredients: sour cherries and grapes

Processing method: at the end of the fermentation of the must, most of the wine is stored in steel barrels for the production of the visciolata, while the end of the cask, together with residues of sour cherries and ground hazelnuts, is destined for the production of AMMALIA brandy.
The distillation system is steam bain-marie, discontinuous method. The precious elixir that is born has an alcohol content of 75 °. Ammalia is then stored in cherry barriques for three years. The product that comes out is then diluted with water from the Monte Nerone spring.

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