AMETISTA naturally-sweet sparkling red wine

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AMETISTA naturally-sweet sparkling red wine, a wine with a very rich bouquet, which is at its best if enjoyed while still youthful, within 2 years of harvest.

Type: naturally-sweet sparkling red wine

Grapes: Lacrima Nera

Growing area: the Marche, province of Ancona.
Age: 8-30 years.
Soils: originally alluvially-deposited seabed sediment, predominantly Plio-Pleistocene and Miocene clay and sand.
Aspect and elevation: 180-280 metres, facing from East to Northwest. varieties and growing practices
Training system: single-arched cane and double guyot pruned to low bud yield/ha.
Vineyard density: 1.700-3.000 vines per ha.
Yield: 10 t grapes/ha. vinification and maturation

Harvest: grapes are hand-picked at desired sugar level and correct acidity for base wine.

Vinification: Ametista is a naturally-sweet sparkling wine. After a pre-fermentation and maceration on the skins, the free-run juice is separated and ferments, after inoculation with cultured yeasts, in steel pressure fermenters for 3 months to achieve effervescence. Concentrated grape must boiling over high heat for a long time and then re-fermented in barrique

Maturation: the wine ages in the bottle in temperature-controlled storage.

Tasting notes
Appearance: luminous, purple-edged ruby red in colour; lingering bead of pin-point bubbles.
Bouquet: intense and varietal, with floral notes of rose petals and violets.
Palate: sweet and appealing, smooth and rounded, varietal and refined.

Serving suggestions: One of the particular qualities of this wine is to bring out the flavours in strawberries and peaches, and for this reason it is a wonderful choice for serving with macedonia di frutta (mixed fruit cups) and sorbets. The most traditional pairing is with petits fours, baked sweets and with fruit crostata (pies).
Serving temperature 8° C.

Alcohol: 9.5%vol.

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