VARNELLI TOP 5 Class distillates from the Marche Alcohol content >21% vol.

100,28 €
94,00 €

Mymarca a safe guide that guides you to discover the fabulous Varnelli spirits produced in the Marche.

Trio of excellent liqueurs, unique in their goodness and originality, ideal to accompany every end of the meal .
Worldwide shipping in a special cellar for maximum safety.

Pack of 5 bottles

1 - Punch Fantasia 70cl warm emotions, strong rum aroma - Alcohol content 35% vol.

1 - Mocha coffee 70cl all the taste of espresso coffee - Gradation 30% vol.

1 - A nice dry 70cl flavor that originates from the particular and secret processing of anise - Gradation 46% vol.

1 - Amaro di Erbe Digestive Tonic 50cl expression of the Varnelli Herbal Experience - Gradation 21% vol.

1 - Amaro Sibilla 50cl very precious, linked to the history and ancient uses of the mountain territory - Alcohol content 34% vol.

In order to purchase the product it is necessary to have reached the legal age required by law for the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

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