the CICERCHIA of SERRA DE CONTI Legume Organic Slow Food Presidium 550gr

7,65 €

In the territory of Serra de 'Conti, in the hills of Verdicchio, it is grown with low environmental impact techniques a particular variety of grass pea: flat, angular, with colors ranging from gray to brown spotted, with a little skin leathery and less taste bitter than other varieties. Over time the production has gradually reduced until they almost disappear. The variety preferable for ease of cooking and flavor, it is tiny, yellowish. It is sown in spring, all 'beginning of April, and harvested at the end of July; no needs of particular crops, grows also in difficult conditions, withstands drought, adapts to unfertile land.
Like all legumes it has interesting nutritional characteristics, both for the high content of protein and starch for both the low amount of fat. Good presence of vitamins B1, B2 and PP, calcium, phosphorus and fiber. In addition to being a tasty food, you can be stored dry for a long time

It does not need such a long time to soak enough eight hours and only 45 minutes of cooking. These characteristics make appreciable taste and pleasant recipes suitable for both traditional and innovative: excellent in soups, but also cooked mashed or served as a side dish trotter. With the grass-pea flour, also they are preparing maltagliati and pappardelle

Seasonality: the collection takes place in late July but is dry all year

Weight: 550 grams in a plastic jar

How to cook it: Use water without salt. We recommend that the proportion of 1 liter of water per 100 grams of grass pea.
Put the grass pea in the pot with cold water. Bring to a boil over medium heat.
When the water boils, continue cooking for 40 minutes, covering a half of the pot with a lid.
When cooked, leave the grass pea in the water. Drain the last moment before the final preparation or table service. In this way it avoids the hardening caused by cooling

Chef Recipes
- 180 grams chickpeas cooked Serra de 'Conti
- 30 g water
- 1/4 red onion julienne raw
- unrefined sea salt
- 40 grams of rice flour
- of fresh ginger juice to taste
- Extra virgin olive oil to grease the pan
- salty sauce Lolmaia lentils
Whisk half of cooked chickpeas and mash the other half by hand. Add water, red onion, salt, flour and ginger juice. Mix everything in order to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Heat a frying pan over medium heat with olive oil. Forming burger the size you prefer and brown on both sides for a total of 5/6 minutes. Sprinkle with a spoon of lentil sauce. Fill the sandwich with salad and a sauce to taste.

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