TERRA NOSTRA family-run pasta factory

Pasta Factory
Terra Nostra
Piazza Gentili, 3
62026 San Ginesio (MC)
Site: terranostrasanginesio.it

The Terra Nostra pasta factory was born from the resourcefulness and passion for good things. Family-run company that aims to present products that stand out for the quality and typicality of the Marche region , drawing on the experience and history of the regional tradition.

The history of Terranostra originates in Italy and, like that of many Italian families, moves to Argentina. It is in San Ginesio , a small town in the Marche hinterland, that the family has rediscovered its roots . Known as the balcony of the Sibillini, this town overlooks a wonderful landscape of hills, sea and mountains.

Tradition and innovation are the coordinates along which the company's production and commercial choices are directed. The fortunate combination of the genuineness of the products and the mastery of the art of cooking have made Terra Nostra products much appreciated by anyone who has tasted them.

The Terra Nostra product is genuine , made with high quality raw materials and with a purely artisan process . The pasta is drawn in bronze and dried very slowly at low temperatures. The durum wheat purely from the Marche region comes from agriculture at Km 0, is rich in gluten and gives greater strength to the dough. Terra Nostra collaborates with a Marche poultry farm where the eggs are harvested daily and carefully selected, guaranteeing the freshness of the product.

Terra Nostra durum wheat semolina pasta is light and easy to digest. Its structure helps absorb and enhance the flavors of the ingredients.

In addition to the highlighted products, Terra Nostra offers different varieties of pasta: from fettuccine to dried tomatoes to that with spinach, from tagliatelle with rosemary to those with lemon.