VISCIOLeCOTTO 375 ml Il Lorese vino cotto invecchiato con visciole fermentate | Mymarca

VISCIOLeCOTTO 375 ml sweet sour cherries and aged cooked wine

12,65 €

Delicious end of the meal, an incredible mix of aged cooked wine and fermented sour cherries, a must try.

Type: sweet and aged aromatized wine

Ingredients: white and red grapes from native vines (Trebbiano, Sangiovese and Montepulciano) and sour cherries from the Recanati hills.

375ml bottle

Production area: Loro Piceno countryside, Province of Macerata
Exposure: North-South
Soil composition: Medium mixture

Coocked wine: Cooking the must in copper boilers for 10-12 hours until it reaches a drop of between 30% and 50% of its initial volume and fermentation in oak and chestnut wood barrels.
Cherries: double fermentation with sugar

Aging: in steel. Aged wine aged together with sour cherries for about 12 months

Organoleptic characteristics
Color: dark amber with shades of red
Bouquet: Fruity with hints of caramel, honey, cherries and sour cherries
Taste: Soft, generally sweet and persistent

Gastronomy: It is a dessert wine and goes very well with desserts and in particular with all dry pastries.
Service mode: Serve at a temperature of 10 ° -12 °

Alcohol content: 12.5%

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