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Luca Bianchi honey and bee pollen

Via Tommaseo 21
6044 Fabriano (AN)
Tel. +393408953147

MIDEI Agricultural Company
 Regina dei Sibillini
Salumi tipici biologici

A pure, uncontaminated, natural and refined product of the highest value, which has always existed in the Marche tradition.

Behind a jar of honey there are miles and miles of flight that bees travel daily.

Producing honey means guaranteeing LIFE to the nature that surrounds us and that characterizes our territories; in addition to giving us direct products, such as honey or pollen, bees play an important and fundamental pollination service that is the basis of biodiversity!

The choice of an organic product is given by the love towards nature and towards a fundamental protagonist for the natural cycle which is the bee.

Each processing choice is designed to maintain the characteristics of the product, from its opening to the last spoon.