HONEY of Stachys 250gr Beekeeping Luca Bianchi from Marche

8,83 €

The honey of Stachys by Luca Bianchi certifies the exclusivity of the territory and guarantees the purity of the environment of origin.

The Stachys annua is a spontaneous plant typical of Fabriano and its hills, born after the threshing of wheat on soils that are not chemically treated.

The honey obtained from this flower has a delicate taste but, at the same time, full-bodied and decisive, with a pleasant aftertaste. Its characteristic crystallization takes place in the period of October-November.

Excellent when paired with aged cheeses or with low-fat yogurt. Its properties are many, in particular the relaxing and purifying ones are emphasized.

Jar 280 grams - On request jar of 50 grams

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