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TUFINO TreValli cheese with truffles of Acqualagna only Italian milk

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The Marche region is particularly suited to the production of truffles can be seen in an invitation in 1890 when the Municipal Board of Acqualagna deliberated the purchase of a scale to weigh the public giving the truffles over the balance to a public weigher .
TreValli, careful to respect the production methods of the past and the desire to promote the products of good casearei regional tradition, has obtained from the processing of a mixture of pasteurized whole cow's milk and sheep, to which is added at least a 2% black truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt) into small pieces collected in the Marche an excellent cheese with characteristic aromas and flavors.

Cheese produced with a mixture of cow's milk (70 - 80%) and sheep milk (20 - 30%) pasteurized whole
Taste: sweet with perfume and characteristic flavor of black truffle

Weight: 250 grams

External appearance of shapes: cylindrical straight side.

Size: the height of the heel is cm. 3 and the diameter of 9 cm

Crust: thin straw-white color, with the presence of pieces of black truffle.

Color of flesh: white to pale yellow

Texture of the cheese: soft and crumbly, with slight holes for all cheeses, with marked presence of pieces of black truffle.

Minimum curing time: 15 days

Information to the consumer the product is stored at a temperature between 4 ° and 8 ° C and is, before being consumed, to take ambient temperature in order to appreciate all the fragrance

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