OLIVE in brine GREGORI 550gr Olive Ascolana Piceno DOP

11,65 €


The high quality of the Ascolana del Piceno PDO olive can not be found in other types of olives. The pulp is consistent, tender and the edible part easily separates from the core, characteristics that increase the value of this olive thanks to the judgments of the expert tasters.
The olives are harvested by hand, without mechanical means to avoid dents.

In brine, the olives are stored for about a year. Before being consumed, they can be desalted, immersed in fresh water for a while, depending on the degree of salinity that you prefer.

Ingredients: olives, water, sweet Cervia salt, fennel and citric acid E330.

This olive is very sought after and appreciated by great chefs, because it is perfect to accommodate a stuffing of meat and be fried and become the famous olive all'ascolana.

Large 550 gram jar

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