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FOCAGNO 2013 Castrum Morisci Must cooked in a fire in a wood boiler

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FOCAGNO 2013 cooked wine - Cooking the must over direct heat in a steel boiler fueled by wood , sweet but not cloying, it can be tasted as it is as a meditation wine.

Type: cooked wine, unfiltered.

Grapes: Passerina

Alcoholic strength 12,00% vol. - Longevity 12 years

50 cl bottle - Braille label for blind and partially sighted people

Colline di Moresco vineyard (Marche ITALY) 120—190 m asl, east facing, slope 15-18%
Soil Medium mixture tending to clayey
Training system Guyot 3600 plants / ha - Yield 90 Q

Harvest: manual, in small cases.

Vinification: Cooking the must over direct heat in a wood-fired steel boiler. Spontaneous fermentation in tonneau .

Aging: In tonneaux for at least 48 months.

Organoleptic examination
Garnet red color with orange border.
Intense perfumes, enriched with oxidative notes. Plum jam, liqueur and roasted hints, cooked and candied fruit, dried figs and pastries, perfectly return to the palate.
Organoleptic framework rich, glycerine, sweet but not cloying.

Suggested pairings: with desserts and dry pastries, ice cream, strawberries, aged cheeses, whipping, tarts, roasted chestnuts. It can be tasted as it is as a meditation wine
Serving temperature 8 - 14 ° C

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