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MIXED CHEESE with NUTS 180gr TreValli i Tipici delle Marche

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The mixed cheese with walnuts is a fresh product with a creamy texture, light holes and medium maturation.

It is a tradition typically Marche that to aromatize the cheese in various ways: that of aromatizing the cheese with walnuts is one of the most anchored to our territory.

Ingredients: pasteurized VACCINO MILK, pasteurized OVEN MILK, shelled NUTS (minimum 3%), salt, rennet, selected ferments, flavorings. Italian milk. Preservative free. Edible rind.

Gastronomic matches: excellent table cheese and often eaten with a good slice of homemade bread or from the typical "crescia" of the Marche region. It is used to flavor fresh salads and as a seasoning of oven-baked first courses. They are accompanied by white wines rich in taste, but delicate.

Weight: about 180 grams

External appearance of the shapes: cylindrical with straight barefoot

Dimensions: the height of the heel is cm. 3 and the diameter of 9 cm

Crust: thin straw-colored, with pieces of walnuts

Color of the dough: white tending to straw yellow

Pasta structure: soft and crumbly, with slight holes for all caciotta, with walnut kernels

Minimum seasoning time: 15 days

Information to the consumer the product must be stored at a temperature between 4 ° and 8 ° C and is, before being consumed, to bring it room temperature to be able to appreciate all the fragrance

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