SAFFRON 0.3gr violet saffron sachet of pure Matelica in pistils

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Pure saffron in pistils is highly appreciated because it is a totally natural product, grown without using any fertilizer, pesticide or chemical substance. Its processing is in fact completely handmade.

The flowers are picked by hand one by one and always manually the three internal stigmas of the corolla are detached, immediately afterwards dried in order to sterilize them. In the kitchen it can be used in everyday life to enhance the taste of each course, from appetizer to dessert: gives health, taste and fragrance without the contribution of fat and makes a good mood thanks to its yellow color, a symbol of happiness and well-being !

To fully appreciate the flavor of saffron, we recommend avoiding browning and replacing olive oil with butter. It is preferable to use meat broth. Combining wines with saffron dishes: by agreement in general, well-structured whites are preferred, avoiding too tannic red wines that inevitably would enhance the bitter note of saffron.

Sachet 0,30gr - 6/8 portions

Use - Before use, soak the pistils in warm water or broth and milk for sweet dishes (the optimal temperature is around 50 ° C), and in fairly small volumes, usually a coffee cup is sufficient for not less than 45 minutes, better from 2 to 6 hours, less if you have shredded the stigmas. The amount of saffron to use is very small, 0.25 g is enough to prepare a risotto for at least six people, and corresponds to over a hundred stigmas! Remember that saffron is very tasty and only very small amounts are sufficient to give color and flavor to a dish. It is important to add the saffron towards the end of cooking, to avoid that too high temperatures can alter its organoleptic characteristics. THE SAFFRON MUST HAVE THE MINOR TIME POSSIBLE.
Conservation - Saffron is very sensitive to light, heat and humidity, so it should be stored in a tightly closed container, preferably airtight, in a dry and dark environment. In these conditions the spice can be kept for up to 2/4 years, even if, with the passage of time, color and taste will change, with the prevalence of the bitter component.

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