SOFT SALAMI Funari 300gr. typical of the Marche

7,92 €

Soft salami is a sausage typical of the Marche region and made by grinding shoulder meat, bacon or trimming of capocolli or hams.

Ingredients: pork meat and fat, salt, dextrose, sucrose, flavorings, GARLIC, smoke flavorings, spices. Antioxidant: E300 - Preservatives: E250 E252. It does not contain gluten.

Given the short seasoning, it can be eaten as an excellent aperitif or spread on bread.

300g vacuum-packed salami

Seasoning: 20/30 days
How to use: ready for consumption
Storage: 6 Months
Storage: do not puncture the package and refrigerate (+2/4 °)

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