Online sale Italian food - Ciabuscolo Salami - typical Italian salami

CIAUSCOLO IGP Alto Nera soft spreadable salami Typical pork butchery

18,00 €

The prince of sausages, ciauscolo, a typical salami from the Marche region, IGP brand, with a tasty but delicate taste.

The particularity of the salami is the softness and spreadability , excellent for a snack or an appetizer, delicious spread on bread or a crescia.

The Alto Nera pork butchery known for the centuries-old tradition of processing and seasoning pork, where the ancient wisdom of doing good things has remained intact over time.

Ingredients: pork, pork fat, salt, spices, wine, sucrose, dextrose, aromatic plant. Antioxidant E300, E301 - Preservative E252.

Weight: 800gr +/- 5% under vacuum


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