Pate' of Ascolana tenera Olives GREGORI 100gr delicate and appetizing sauce

6,34 €

Gregori with its Ascolana tenera Olives, obtains a delicate and at the same time appetizing sauce.
The sauce is easily spreadable and very pleasant to accompany aperitifs and bruschetta or to be used in the kitchen, for example for a sauce.

Patè sauce obtained by mixing: olive pulp Ascolana Tenera 80%, capers cultivated by the company 5%, anchovies of the Adriatic Sea 5%, monocultivar EVO oil of Ascolana Tenera 10%.

Packaged fresh, without preservatives, to guarantee the authentic taste of the olive.

The perfect combination is with classic method sparkling wines with a good structure.

Weight 100gr.

The conservation is about 5-6 months and comes in such a way as to be easily consumed without having to put it away because once in contact with the air it would lose its characteristics of freshness and authenticity.

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