COPPA di testa 600gr Recchi typical of the Marche bagged by hand

13,20 €

Pork head cup (coppa di testa) produced by Luigi Recchi.

Stuffed that dates back to the eno-gastronomic culture of the 19th century of Macerata.

With all the less noble parts of the pork and the parts of meat adjacent to the head, this salami is produced by hand and only in the winter.

Ideal as an appetizer and / or as an aperitif to be served with a good Marche wine, it can be portioned into cubes or cut into thin slices.

Weight: 600gr. whole piece +/- 10%.

Cut - On the shoulder of the boned pork up to the 6th rib of the carré (opposite part of the schooner).
Flavors - Ground pepper, red garlic in a shirt (to flavor the meat before salting, massaging the fresh meat well, white wine (to wash the trimmed meat).
Processing - once cleaned of the roughness of the meat is put in salt for two or three days, having the warning to turn the piece once a day. Once this first phase is finished, it is washed with wine and vinegar and then grounded entirely. Finally it is stuffed into a particular casing (the saccola) and tightened well with a natural net, then tied with string.
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