CANTUCCI hemp+Varnelli 200gr high quality bakery biscuits

5,34 €

Cartechini combining its high quality products with recipes that have been handed down by Generations, has created a series of bakery products with selected and genuine raw materials.

The "CANTUCCIO" is a biscuit that follows the Tradition of the Marches and was soaked in the Cotto Wine or in the Vernaccia dolce di Serrapetrona (Typical Maceratesi products), but to add a touch of originality, the Cannabis Sativa Flour was added. of Nobili Fibers and Proteins.

Pack of 200 grams

Ingredients: • Pasteurized Whole Eggs • Organic Type 1 Flour • Organic Cane Sugar • Organic Sativa Cannabis Oil and Bio Flax Oil mechanically extracted without refining processes produced by the Cartechini crusher • Almonds • Cannabis Sativa flour • Baking yeast • VARNELLI - Starch Dry Anise Liquor • Ginger.

Allergens: • Type 1 flour (Gluten) • Eggs • Sesame • Almonds

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